About Droolish

How Droolish Came To Be

Purpose of Droolish

I wanted to create a podcast that is centered around the idea of falling asleep through calm noises and a soothing voice. As a matter of fact, during most of my client meetings, I would usually end up with more yawns. 

While it’s very plausible that my subjects are boring, it’s been a consistent observation and I decided to turn this so-called ‘weakness’ into a strength. If my yawn-inducing voice helps people get tired with only a few minutes of talking, imagine an hour long+ podcast!

Bonus: Our Youtube Channel does have additional visuals (in progress) in case you like to leave the TV on.

Podcast Style

Droolish is still in its infancy stage and I always make it a point to improve upon each episode.  Generally, most episodes tend to follow this format.

  • Intro/say hi/dive straight in
  • 10-minute mark: Chill Lofi-is added in the background
  • 15-20 minute mark: Soothing rain sounds slowly replace the music and will stay as background noise through the remaining portion of the podcast.
  • Some episodes will have one subject matter while others could have multiple.