EP 2 – Unsurprising ways to sleep easier + logistics news

In episode 2 of the Droolish Podcast, I talk a lot about random sleeping articles on ways to help sleep and then ramble on a bit more. This is the first ‘formatted’ podcast I created that’s over 60 minutes long. 

I’m still working out the kinks. Enjoy!

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  • welcome back to the on this is your host
    Joey Montano today we’re going to be
    talking about a few things actually
    we’re going to be talking about insomnia
    we want to be talking about just
    whatever I feel like it and I decided to
    spice things up for you and talk about
    the wonderful world of logistics now if
    you can’t tell that’s called sarcasm and
    I feel like most people these days are
    having a tougher time sensing it
    including myself so that’s probably it
    on the ranch probably for another
    podcast but not today because I’m trying
    to help you sleep
    go to sleep okay
    that probably didn’t work but keep
    listening and you might find yourself
    catching some C’s sooner rather than
    later today’s podcast is going to be
    about an hour long I’ve done a little
    bit more research and speaking for
    myself with I do have trouble sleeping
    and so does my wife so I figured why not
    just talk about insomnia and maybe it’ll
    put you to sleep or maybe you will find
    something interesting just to pass the
    time so you can just stop thinking about
    your day and relax
    so before I dive into the official
    clinical research or I don’t want to say
    clinical research because every person
    has their own unique style of sleep some
    people like to sleep on their back some
    people like to sleep on their side some
    people like to sleep on their stomach I
    really don’t trust those stomach people
    but hey that’s just me for me
    my major sleeplessness issues revolve
    around my sleep time generally my sleep
    time mixes day-to-day from I don’t know
    11 o’clock at night maybe at 10 o’clock
    at night one o’clock and generally I’m
    okay most the time because I am fairly
    consistent the problem is the weekends
    the weekends are the ones where I think
    most people don’t actually go to bed
    when they do normally in the week yet
    they still get up around the same time
    and for me consistency is generally the
    key but it’s easier said than done and
    I’m just
    but again I figure if I at least give my
    input before I go to one of the official
    online documents from sleep foundation
    or other and some yet related websites I
    feel that speaking person a person is
    more genuine in a sense of it’s more
    relatable listening to how other people
    solve their problems and that’s why I’m
    actually a pretty big fan of reading
    more medium articles or other blog
    articles that talk about certain
    problems not to say that the official
    documentation is bad if it’s actually
    really good I mean they’ve spent a lot
    of money doing research and figuring all
    this stuff out but even still most
    solutions are on a general basis and
    it’s not really something that is a
    one-size-fits-all solution so if you so
    if you’re someone who’s tried some of
    these steps that’s great but hopefully
    like it’s like I said my voice is the
    key to sleep so moving into part two I’m
    sorry for that tangent it’s another
    thing that I try to do to help improve
    sleep is I’ve been taking more CPD I
    ended up getting a CBD vape from Groupon
    for about like ten dollars and you could
    just go on Groupon right now I don’t
    have any special codes I’m not famous
    intro for I really don’t care enough at
    the moment to start spamming coupon
    codes although it probably would save
    you a few dollars so just do that in the
    morning don’t do it now because knowing
    you if you’re like me you’re probably on
    the phone or if you can’t go to sleep
    you end up looking to your side grabbing
    your phone and then just end up staring
    at a bright screen for another thirty
    minutes until you feel like you’re tired
    and then you ultimately decide to turn
    off your phone and lay down and yet
    still don’t fall asleep
    so don’t grab your phone hopefully when
    you’re listening this is either on an I
    hope your system your surround sound
    system or just your speaker out loud on
    your phone I don’t know how you guys
    generally listen to things I’m more of a
    white noise guy myself and just
    just thinks way too much so CBDs highly
    recommend that it more less calms it
    relaxes I wouldn’t say it puts you to
    sleep right away but it does get you to
    stop thinking and stop worrying about
    the idea of falling asleep because I
    know we’re all our worst enemies when it
    comes to not thinking about a particular
    item you know for example if I told you
    to don’t think about McDonald’s
    cheeseburgers chances are you’re
    probably already thinking about it just
    on the fact that I said it so sorry
    let’s not talk about McDonald’s
    cheeseburgers although we could but
    that’s the ADHD talking so let’s dive
    straight into some of these insomnia
    articles shall we so the first one that
    really caught my eye was from one
    medical they talked about relieving
    insomnia without medication I don’t know
    if you’re taking medication I generally
    don’t like taking medication myself but
    I found this to be a very good article
    because I like to take more of the
    holistic approach when it comes to
    medical because I like to save money and
    just a pro tip if you have a sore throat
    definitely try putting about a teaspoon
    of cayenne pepper with a lukewarm water
    and gargling it for about 15 seconds do
    that once every 15 minutes for about a
    couple hours and trust me it might stain
    a little with the cayenne pepper but
    your sore throat will feel like it would
    immediately evaporate now your throats
    not gonna be a hundred percent but the
    soreness and the pain will be completely
    gone like I said trust me on this one
    I’ve tested it I’d like to test more of
    these home remedies not all of them work
    but that is one that I willing to throw
    down all the money that I have in my
    pocket which is not but still I’m
    willing to vouch for it so back to the
    one medical article one of the things
    that mentions is that don’t try to be
    hero because we all need sleep and and
    what medical mentions people tend to
    brag like it’s a good thing that you’re
    getting less sleep and when were younger
    we do you know it’s pretty cool to sleep
    for two hours study all night and barely
    pass a test I guess that’s the college
    life I never did that but that’s I’ve
    seen a lot of kids do that back in my
    day and the problem with this is you’re
    training yourself to not get a lot of
    sleep which does cause fatigue
    irritability might even cause weight
    gain and of course it does weaken the
    immune system because your body doesn’t
    have any time to recover so if you find
    yourself sick and you’re trying to
    praying a lot about not getting a lot of
    sleep try to shift that focus and just
    try to brag about more sleep I guess I
    don’t know but a generally lack of sleep
    we both know it’s never a good thing and
    hopefully you’re not someone who’s been
    trying to stay up all night recently and
    now you find yourself listening to this
    because hopefully it does help but
    you’re not doing yourself a good job of
    you know sleeping long term so some of
    the techniques that they mentioned to
    relieve insomnia without the medication
    they’ve really talked about two things
    one is sleep hygiene and the other one
    is well they call it brief cognitive
    behavioral treatment intervention for
    whoa if that didn’t put you to sleep
    then I’ll keep talking but that is a
    mouthful it’s also called CPT I so
    probably don’t even bother writing it
    down you should be sleeping so the idea
    of sleep hygiene at least according to
    those articles that it’s just a
    collection of habits that you know to
    help you fall asleep easier and better
    and generally that’s what most people
    try to do when it comes to any positive
    activities such as exercising dieting or
    learning a new skill well so when you
    develop these good habits or in this
    case these habits in relation to sleep
    then your sleep quality should improve
    so some of the tips the do’s and don’ts
    they mention they say one is
    stick to a regular sleep schedule so I
    didn’t mention that earlier but that is
    pretty consistent and it just mentioned
    seven days a week that is easier
    something that done so I am NOT gonna be
    an advocate to say you’d need to be
    doing this because we’re all human
    but it is a ideal goal so def 1e doodad
    doodad alright enough enough English
    bumble in there another another item is
    exercise at least 30 minutes a day most
    days of the week so this is something
    that I did actually find to be very
    useful for me personally I do go to the
    gym fairly frequently at least two to
    three times a week
    I shouldn’t say fairly that’s probably
    moderately and generally when I stop
    working out or if my diet tends to go
    down the drain my sleep quality does go
    down and first some people just exercise
    can involve maybe just a thirty minute
    walk or maybe a 30 minutes speed walk a
    light jog maybe or if you happen to have
    something that’s kind of heavy just kind
    of lift it over your head I’m gonna do
    some do some curls hopefully you can do
    it in your own private space so you
    don’t get any weird looks or if you’re
    like me you really don’t care you just
    do it whenever wherever it’s your life
    man or girl or other gender mmm you know
    these days I I’m learning and you know
    we all need to keep developing and
    growing and in this case we’re
    developing some sleeping habits so it
    mentions to that you need to get a good
    amount of natural light exposure during
    the day so definitely opening the blinds
    first thing in the morning and let the
    Sun in
    definitely helps keep your body body in
    rhythm now I’m gonna go off on a tangent
    and I don’t know if this article
    mentions it but the idea of melatonin
    helping your sleep I have some mixed
    opinions on that I’ve actually had a
    pretty severe case of insomnia back in
    2010 where I was even lucky to get an
    hour of sleep for
    like probably good month and a half and
    part of that was due to my addiction to
    a particular arcade fighter game at the
    time and I would literally try to max
    out the amount of time I could play
    versus the energy it was provided and
    don’t get me wrong I was probably the
    strongest player in the game I think the
    game is still called a dungeon fighter
    online and again this was back in 2010
    so I obsessively played that game
    between 18 and 20 hours a day and on the
    side I would still play poker online
    poker so and then I wasn’t intentionally
    trying to do this the problem was after
    say 16 hours of a game I might after I
    was sleeping one night and I would lay
    in bed from 2 a.m. to about 3 4 a.m. and
    get a sleep go to sleep you know we
    could buy 9:00 and it was progressively
    getting worse
    it would just be days where I would stop
    playing at midnight and I will just lay
    in bed and lay and lay and of course lay
    and next thing I knew it was 5 a.m. 6
    a.m. and the Sun would start coming up
    and I would just barely try to get any
    sleep maybe for an hour or two every
    night and it just got to the point where
    I will just wake up shaking because I
    just had no sleep whatsoever anywhere
    it’s just so minimal and I decided to
    check out melatonin I talked to my buddy
    about melatonin and he said it was
    pretty effective I don’t the research as
    well it seemed to be pretty effective
    but when it comes to melatonin you need
    to pay attention to the dosage that
    you’re getting depending on the
    recommendations that you see online it
    turns out that even a 3 milligram piece
    of melatonin this way too much for what
    you should be having so there were some
    research that indicated that melatonin
    does in fact improve you know your your
    body’s a natural instinct to react to
    light and darkness accordingly so so
    it’s nighttime
    your body’s more likely to follow suit
    and be sleep
    at night with melatonin I think the
    problem is like I said most people take
    too much of it and it could potentially
    not fix your problem or might make it
    in some cases so what I recommend
    generally is to take a you know piece of
    melatonin probably cut it in half that I
    believe if I could recall this and this
    is I said this is back eight nine years
    ago but I still do this today and it
    works pretty well is you want to take
    about less than a milligram worth maybe
    even less you really only need a small
    amount for your body to ingest in and
    adjust accordingly so don’t take too
    much melatonin okay go on back to the
    sleep IG if you notice I tend to drag on
    a little bit pretty long-winded but
    turns out my experience fall asleep so
    let’s keep going to the do’s again as
    already mentioned this establish a
    regular relaxing bedtime routine again
    routines and habits are generally going
    to be the key here and moving forward it
    says associate your bed was sleeping sex
    only don’t work don’t eat or watch TV in
    bed so that’s interesting especially the
    TV part because I do watch TV in bed so
    I am learning as I’m talking to you so
    definitely going to not watch TV or at
    least limit it to maybe only a sound
    only or just I don’t know you want to
    make sure you turn off your clocks
    around so you can’t see the time I’ve
    seen this all the time – I go to sleep I
    wake up then I start looking at the
    clock and then I started thinking oh no
    I am probably not gonna go back to sleep
    so I definitely agree with that one
    message to turn off the alert for texts
    and emails on your phone you know
    everyone has smartphones these days just
    put it in airplane mode or I do not
    disturb airplane mode don’t do that
    actually take their back know every mode
    just put it in do not disturb
    then a mentioned something’s here keep a
    worried journalist something’s on your
    mind as you’re trying to fall asleep
    write it down on a pad of paper so you
    can revisit it the next day that’s
    so I semi agree with that just logically
    like it’s good to release those thoughts
    that’s actually one of the inspirations
    of this podcast but you know if you’re
    writing for 20 30 40 minutes then you’re
    going to go to bed a little bit later
    and I think for most people time
    management is an issue on how weather if
    it’s work or daily life it’s just
    finding that right balance and I still
    struggle with it so I can’t imagine you
    guys are just one ever sent well
    adjusted because that makes people
    boring if you’re 100 percent perfect all
    the time and I just find that impossible
    ever becomes perfect so yeah definitely
    try the writing journal on here but I
    would probably limit that to 5-10
    minutes at most an dimensions if you’re
    unable to fall asleep after 20 minutes
    leave the bed and do something relaxing
    return to bed later so the 20 minute
    part does pique my interest because my
    whole life it does take me between 15 to
    45 minutes to fall asleep my wife’s been
    very fortunate where she could just fall
    asleep simply by closing our eyes and
    just doing it so which had a video
    because you could see me roll my eyes
    and the absurdity of the whole thing is
    just I just can’t comprehend how easy it
    is that she can sleep of course one of
    the things that’s not mentioned in this
    article it’s listening to my voice you
    know if you catch yourself doing some of
    these things the don’ts I should say in
    this article and change that immediately
    because it probably will help your sleep
    significantly that number one thing is
    don’t ingest caffeine in afternoon
    I’ve actually been guilty of this and I
    paid dearly generally my cutoff time
    personally is around new if I drink
    coffee at 2:00 or 4:00 then I’m going to
    be up for at least an additional 10
    hours so drink coffee
    gonna be going to sleep at midnight even
    though I might be trying to go to sleep
    at 10:00
    now one thing that it doesn’t mention
    which I might mention to you if you’re
    someone who does drink coffee or it
    doesn’t just a lot of caffeine is that
    try ordering ordering decaf because I’ve
    done a little bit of research and if you
    can you can even look at some of the
    nutrition labels but decaf does not mean
    you have zero milligrams of caffeine it
    actually is just a significantly lowered
    amount of caffeine that you’re ingesting
    so that could be the key is just moving
    from what CAF did you can I’m not really
    a coffee drinker but I do love you know
    a Frappuccino or maybe a lot of table
    it’s in a while
    I’m not going out of my way to pay for
    it but I do enjoy him another don’t is
    don’t have a second glass of wine for
    dinner well alcohol is known to speed
    the onset of sleep it also disrupts
    sleep and it mentions causing arousal
    during the second half of the night when
    the body is entering the deep sleep so
    this is news to me because I have not
    heard of that and I dunno if I have a
    beer or maybe a wine like an hour or two
    before I go to sleep my chest if he was
    like it’s burning a little bit I want to
    say it’s heartburn but it’s just how I
    lay down and the alcohol I don’t know
    it’s just hard for me to feel cool I
    should say what I’m sleeping I just feel
    always hot and then I wake up thirsty in
    the morning and who wants to have
    terrible sleep I don’t want to have
    terrible sleep I’m trying to help you
    have great sleep I’m trying to have
    great sleep let’s all have great stood
    together okay next item don’t take all
    their stimulants close to bedtime no no
    no no crap same thing with eating meals
    same things with TVs or computers
    inventions don’t use phones laptops or
    other mobile devices in bed so I’m
    already imagining some of you are like I
    can’t do that well it certainly is for
    trying and for me I try to not look at
    my phone at least 15 minutes before I go
    to bed you know I might play a game just
    it’s game that I don’t really think too
    much maybe
    was an article in reddit or just do some
    reading put my phone on the side I turn
    it down face down so I’m not looking at
    the time so I do agree with that and hit
    the charged button and that’s it
    I just might lay and talk to the wife or
    just lay down just try to sleep it does
    how I will say I my sleep has improved a
    little bit as well I could I could say I
    get about alright takes me about it’s
    about 15-20 minutes each night but it’s
    more consistent than it used to be and
    the last thing that I mentions is that
    fight the urge to nap during the day so
    if you are daytime Napper that could be
    a key factor in your lack of sleep now
    some of this probably isn’t really game
    breaking stuff and it really shouldn’t
    be but hopefully if you did learn them
    nugget that’s great
    now I did find another article and the
    self calm that talks about I believe
    this is a regular person’s perspective
    and not you know a real article article
    that’s a professional wrote that doesn’t
    really connect I guess person a person
    but the self one does talk about what
    they did to help their insomnia it’s
    only a list of five I’m gonna quick run
    this through when some of these might
    sound similar but I do like to have
    different perspectives and I like to
    encourage you guys to have the same so
    the number one thing I believe this
    person mentions I believe that her name
    or his name is yes who’s not a Weiss so
    since I know Weiss yeah Thank You
    SOUTHCOM for writing this I like to give
    credit where credit is due
    so the number one thing that Suzanna
    mentions is keeping a caffeine journal
    to see how it affects my sleep or that’s
    how what she said then ultimately
    cutting it out completely I do agree
    that what she says is that it does suck
    I do know a lot of people that live off
    of caffeine and I do occasionally find
    myself drinking a Frappuccino in the
    you know those cold one it’s not like a
    full it has a vent a size one but you
    know those eight to twelve pounds of
    months and I’ve done some research too
    and caffeine is good but it also has
    some negative effects
    but long story short I think she
    mentions and I’m going to agree to that
    it does suck to cut something pretty
    awesome like caffeine that would pretty
    much be in my case me saying I’m way to
    stop drinking alcohol I mean I love
    drinking alcohol but I’m not a you know
    I’m not a big big big drinker but it
    helps me even myself out when I need it
    you know in Susanna’s case she said once
    you start keeping her journal she
    realized that you’ve been a couple of
    tea at 10:00 a.m. it would just keep her
    up past 3:00 a.m. so again her method
    she tried doing ATCO turkey she didn’t
    notice that she couldn’t quit completely
    but the day she did it and just caffeine
    her sleep was significantly improved
    something to keep in mind she does
    mention too that he sleeps on a weighted
    blanket or I should say under a way to
    play it not on it essentially the idea
    of these way to blankets is that it
    helps Center brain so you know that you
    don’t have to be on the lookout for
    dangerous things and that you’re snug
    and comfy makes sense to me definitely
    try that which he mentions though is
    that the way to play cuts are about $150
    so that’s a big icon for me but for some
    of you could be worth the 150 it might
    be worth it for me if I could spend that
    money but I don’t think I have insomnia
    as bad as what some other people do but
    this is going to be something that I’m
    going to save just in case in the future
    the third thing that she does is wearing
    admittedly goofy glasses that blocked
    blue light from tech devices so
    apparently there are blue light blocking
    glasses that screen her eyes from the
    light from the phone and computer
    screens so apparently the idea is that
    this light can affect your body’s
    production of melatonin very interesting
    because I talked earlier about the
    melatonin problem I had so this actually
    might explain why
    I had such trouble sleeping eight years
    ago or seven years ago when I say one of
    those but um it’s pretty affordable to
    buy some of these glasses
    it’s 1099 from Amazon called the eye
    keeper of in th computer glasses so
    that’s pretty cool definitely check that
    out I might actually just buy that right
    now and after this podcast so check it
    out she also mentions two more things
    one of them I already mentioned which
    was melatonin again I suggest a very
    limited amount of melatonin but she did
    not mention the amount this one but yeah
    that works and the other thing she
    mentioned is taking a warm bath before
    bed instead have a shower so this is
    interesting because I’m a big shower
    person but she says that the bath allows
    your body to soak up more heat and the
    cooling that follows when you get out of
    the tub can can cure your body to sleep
    that I like I think for me the biggest
    issue every sure some of you are tissue
    or having this as well is getting sweaty
    at night you know not sweaty sweat e SH
    wet yes with the H being sweaty is
    it’s not just having some sweat on your
    head or on your arms it’s it’s the sweat
    that goes everywhere I’m talking between
    like between the armpits even between
    like the little crevices of your elbow
    you know how your arm flexes in you know
    behind the knees even even in your ass
    crack all the private parts and then you
    get up and you just feel your body
    drenched your backs drenched you look at
    the bed and it seems like it’s just
    moist it’s terrible I can’t stand it and
    I stand up I try to you know lift my
    shirt up try to breathe some air in and
    depending on where you’re at to if
    you’re kind of the Midwest where there’s
    or even in the south or there’s a place
    there’s a lot of humidity
    I would probably consider getting a
    dehumidifier and even better just having
    some white noise at night does help so
    I’m definitely only take probably her
    advice as well and trying to
    in bath because you know that the
    cooling-off effect does for me it feels
    a lot of reefer feels really refreshing
    and I do love the feeling of having a
    nice cool pillow to lay on or a nice
    cold dead to lay on so definitely you
    know that’s a very smart smart idea
    definitely you guys try it I’m certainly
    gonna try it as well so I know there you
    have it I didn’t planned that actually
    this taking this long of a time which is
    fine by me I’m actually pretty happy
    with it so hopefully you guys found some
    pretty decent insights again
    I found these from self calm the self
    calm article is from Susannah Weiss and
    the other article that I am trying to
    find just from one medical calm you know
    called how to relieve insomnia without
    medication and it’s a three-part series
    so I might just follow up in the next
    podcast with the part two of the series
    and just bring my insight and commentary
    as well I think that would be pretty
    cool for you guys as well just to follow
    along now switching subjects I wanted to
    spend a couple minutes talking about
    just more about my life I figured it you
    know every podcast I’ll sprinkle a
    little bit of slice-of-life the reason
    why I like to include these is that I
    feel that most people resonate with
    people with other people that have very
    similar attributes and I feel that I
    don’t think I’m actually similar with
    most people but I feel like I am
    relatable in a sense of a very certain
    common ground I don’t think I’m
    incredibly smart I think I’m fairly
    smart more of the kind of smart that’s
    where I feel like a man I love to learn
    I do study quite frequently and you know
    I try to keep on pace with well industry
    trends and whatnot and I feel like
    that’s the bare minimum of I think I
    would say smart enough to be pretty
    competent in the workforce and to you
    know do a pretty good job at what you do
    you know of course there’s going to be a
    lot of other factors that I didn’t
    discuss such as you know company your
    boss your co-workers your dynamic
    you know your current role and what
    you’re doing but overall I like to have
    a sense of pride in the work that I
    generally do and I think that most
    people should have that as a baseline of
    growth I would say because if you’re
    just kind of content with what you’re
    doing there’s nothing wrong with that I
    you know I’ve have been prior to this
    podcast pretty content with how things
    have been going with my life between
    working on side projects and doing
    consulting so again there’s nothing
    wrong with a good medium it just means
    you know we’re in the comfort zone and
    there’s nothing wrong with being
    comfortable as a matter of fact you
    should aim to be comfortable sometimes
    you have to you know eat a lot of crap
    and you have to do a lot of things you
    don’t want to just for the short term
    just to have the opportunity to have
    that nice comfortable moment or life
    that you imagine you know hopefully some
    of you guys are younger not to say older
    people should it be listen in this
    podcast I’m just imagining that older
    people and their I’d say higher fifties
    sixties seventies I believe sleep comes
    more natural and I think their sleep
    patterns are a lot more so I don’t think
    they’re affected as much I could be
    completely wrong in this one I said this
    is a stream of consciousness
    consciousness portion not really doing
    much research here I just figure let’s
    talk about a subject so but again I
    think if you’re more of someone of a
    younger age I would almost say
    Millennials because now there’s the new
    generation of kids coming out and I
    think they’re gen Z and they’re probably
    gonna rename something else rename
    themselves to be something else and you
    know a lot of these kids younger kids
    these days are they have so many trends
    and they have different values than what
    I grew up in and I’m only 33 you know
    I’m kind of in the mid-range of the
    Millennial and and with so many things
    these days you know I sometimes I feel
    like I have to watch what I say thinking
    about how one or two people could be
    offended on you know a joke or remark
    and you might agree on assign you tend
    to crack a couple jokes once in a while
    because you know I think laughter just
    is great I love to laugh and I haven’t
    found myself well I think as much in the
    last year no it’s another time maybe
    I’ll explain that down the road but you
    know I just love to laugh and I just
    love looking back making people laugh
    and in this case I want to love make you
    laugh and sleep
    hopefully you have hilarious dreams but
    I did grace I think just continuing on
    with the stream of consciousness
    you know how even 18 year olds their
    habits are so different than what I’ve
    seen like believe it or not this is 2019
    and yes you’re looking and you’re
    probably rolling your eyes when I say
    that but it’s 2019 and Facebook was
    launched in 2004 let me rephrase that
    2004 that’s how long it is 15 years 15
    years I cannot believe it and I was one
    of the first people on Facebook back in
    the day where it was just the college
    kids and it was us and we all claimed
    and swore that once they allowed the
    general public in it was gonna crash and
    burn we were so wrong so so wrong and
    guess what Facebook is kind of big these
    days 15 years later that means if you
    have an 18 year old kid
    all right or if you’re 18 years old it
    doesn’t matter who’s listening by the
    time you actually were starting to
    process the world and become kind of a
    little human being that had some
    function I should say so I would say ha3
    age of three is one my opinion is one it
    goes from baby to toddler to a little
    kid that’s learning that can remember
    things so wide of time there were three
    15 years ago yeah by the time they were
    three they would be I think Facebook
    would be what one-year-old or yeah the
    age of three is when Facebook was born
    so say it ever existed their whole life
    has existed since they could remember
    things that isn’t saying their whole
    life is a platform of something that
    their parents their siblings their
    grandparents have all these memes all
    this drama people talk about it day of
    day and day how people are sharing
    things it’s great but if you’re a kid
    and I was told this too like a month ago
    twelve year old of said Facebook’s for
    old people hey like that’s the future
    man so it’s very interesting just to see
    how times change and have its change and
    the last thing I want you guys to do and
    this is just a piece of advice you guys
    don’t have to take it you guys might
    even be sleeping if you are then I’m
    gonna start lowering my voice a little
    bit and I would say just keep learning
    just I don’t know hop on reddit maybe
    hop on Twitter social media is good in a
    sense of it connects you with the world
    and it’s our job to at least try to
    connect with a younger generation
    because I don’t want to have I just
    don’t want to be in a position where you
    know our grandparents are or where the
    baby boomers are at right now where the
    people 40 year old 40 years younger than
    em are pretty much saying the future is
    you know we’re kicking you out and
    there’s nothing you can do about it I
    want I want us to have smarter
    conversations I want us to be involved
    more in a sense of when we speak we know
    what we’re talking about and it’s well
    researched we can see both angles and
    not just have a jerk reactions so again
    this is just me talking there’s not
    really any validity to any of this it’s
    just a random guy talking for about five
    minutes so so moving on I figure this is
    a good part of the show where I would
    like to kind of tone it down you know
    let’s talk about something that we all
    one of the most sexiest of industries
    that we see day and
    whether you’re on the road whether
    you’re looking outside whether you’re
    out just around it’s logistics folks
    come on what did you think I was gonna
    say logistics are everywhere I mean the
    computer screen the phone all that like
    it all came from probably China forever
    and the fact that it they made it
    manufactured it and shipped it across
    the world and you’re still able to buy
    it for a relatively cheap price and I’m
    not talking about just even a smartphone
    but I can be looking at this pen or a
    speakerphone that was made in China and
    I still buy for like five dollars okay
    there’s sites like wish calm that you
    can buy clothing for like four dollars
    free shipping there’s a lot things to
    that but the point that I’m trying to
    make is logistics everywhere in affects
    us unfortunately it’s not as sexy as I
    made it out to be so that’s why you’re
    gonna either learn or you’re gonna sleep
    with what I like to call at least in
    this episode some logistics learnings so
    I figure I wanted to talk more about the
    latest logistics insights news because
    you know it’s very relevant to the world
    that we live in today
    luckily my cousin is a logistics expert
    and he knows the industry a little bit
    so he recommended me a couple of
    magazines things to look at and one of
    the articles that caught my attention I
    was from Rick Berman from inbound
    logistics that calm he just it’s nice to
    talk about not gambling with trade
    compliance so in an article called
    don’t gamble with trade compliance he
    talks about how the recent trends in
    tariffs enforcement in e-commerce
    shipping complicate the international
    trade landscape to avoid significant
    fines businesses must learn to dot every
    I and cross every T in the compliance
    process he goes on to say that even
    existing allowances and privileges are
    being threatened challenged or taken
    away from shippers who violate trade
    regulations pretty much creating
    immediate threat to profitability so he
    mentions rekey key issues here one of
    the key issues is that corporate
    executives need to know the terror
    that Customs and Border Protection’s
    also known as CBP is imposing on goods
    imported to the US and how to stay
    aligned with the ever-changing HTF which
    for you and the biz already know that as
    harmonized Tariff Schedule that should
    explain itself because I cannot explain
    it for you I’m sorry this is out of my
    league but he does go on to say that the
    second focus should be on trade
    agreements in planning the for the
    potential of duty-free status
    disappearing from source goods
    yes but the idea behind this is that you
    always need to be planning ahead just in
    case that there are any contingencies
    down the road so if there’s any Free
    Trade Agreement eliminations or
    something that is more of the like
    especially for international shipping
    and logistics you need to be planning
    ahead for it and he pretty much says
    that some of these people don’t and
    again it has that immediate threat to
    profitability he goes on to say thirdly
    that companies really need to examine
    their profiles and complete and
    compliance practices so this includes
    record-keeping making sure that they’re
    operating correctly he points out that
    having informed compliance is more than
    just the best practice it’s legitimately
    a law so come on you guys need to be
    doing this so this article is pretty
    short when he does talk about it but he
    had the keys really just trying to
    emphasize the point of don’t try to cut
    corners just follow the law you know I
    used to work at a battery store and back
    in the day they actually had me to get a
    hazmat certification which had nothing
    to do with the job at hand I was just
    working data entry but looking at the
    hazmat documentation I think it was like
    300 or like maybe through like a
    thousand pages where they had to bring a
    certified hazmat specialist or true you
    know specialist to common trained oh so
    we had to get a certificate and reading
    through this it just seemed like it was
    a bunch of you know issues that happened
    over time where they probably wanted to
    create like a hundred page document and
    then they realized oh hey like let’s
    throw some lithium batteries expose
    the air and then all cause fires so it
    seems like every rule that was added was
    based off previous oversight prior so I
    definitely agree with his statement of
    you need to practice the proper tree
    compliance or at least compliance is in
    general because in this case we’re
    logistics is law he does go on to
    emphasize more international logistics
    mainly because of the tariffs or if
    there’s just so many moving parts with
    the international that we are not in
    control of so you really can’t afford to
    gamble on compliance so in regards to
    the trade environment or some
    organizations that have creating
    compliance departments managed by
    c-suite officers that are trying to
    mitigate the risk especially in the key
    operational areas so I’m kind of just
    rewarding what this guy’s saying I not
    an expert again if you want to check out
    the article it’s from inbound logistics
    called don’t gamble with trade
    compliance by Rick Berman so again I
    want to give him credit where credit is
    now I’m about to throw some knowledge
    bonds because I’m about to talk to you
    through a listicle article that’s right
    love those listicles and did I see a
    listicle article shouldn’t just be
    listicle okay anyway moving on this
    article called securing truckload
    capacity it’s a good list article that
    helps emphasize is the continued trend
    of shrek looked a man and to heavily
    emphasize that there are no or no
    shortcuts in fixing the capacity gap
    whatever that means I don’t know but I
    think the point he’s trying to make is
    that you want to make sure you take
    these steps to ensure that your shipping
    you’re afraid or arrives on time so the
    one thing he says the number one thing
    key Munch’s is to create a core carrier
    program by doing that you need to
    establish relationships with large
    providers who can help you run up in
    demand in regional carriers who have a
    compelling value prop and the markets
    they serve so it is what it is according
    to this article and the person who wrote
    this is a heron seed beside sy Edie
    hopefully I said your name right here
    and if I said it wrong I apologize
    guys if you if you happen to catch wind
    in this blurb and I said your name wrong
    please just message me or whatever and
    I’ll learn it and say it right I’m
    terrible with names but he it was is
    should say the vice president commercial
    developer for Schneider whatever that is
    that’s just the credit that it was given
    so the number two thing he mentions is
    schedule quarterly touch points so this
    is generally just good practice in
    business is that you want to keep
    communications with your carriers or
    your vendors and their objectives so you
    want to make sure you guys have
    agreeable benchmarks so you know you
    know you both have planned anticipated
    times and how you do things and you’re
    both on the same page because nothing is
    worse than when one vendor has their own
    idea of when things should be completed
    versus your expectations so you
    definitely want to keep shopping around
    and you know if if one vendor isn’t
    willing to meet your needs well another
    vendor will that’s just life you know
    opportunity awaits to those who are
    willing to step out into the forefront
    and take that first step to say you know
    I could step up and do things while
    others can’t a third thing mentions
    building long-term relationships that
    transcend market cycles this is pretty
    smart and by that he means you want to
    create relationships with shippers or
    maybe in your case a vendor or just
    people in general that they’re good
    people to work with that their
    understanding of business practices
    makes them less likely to be affected by
    say a recession or a downturn you know
    companies that just have consistent
    strong but slow growth it tends to be
    the ones that aren’t affected by it and
    those the people that you want to be
    around the most you know they are the
    most like calm ol reliables in the world
    of logistics the principle is the same
    regardless of what you’re looking for
    it’s still a company that you need to
    trust in that knows what they’re doing
    really well and that will continue to
    grow long-term for decades to come
    or you have to be intentional with your
    bedded objectives so whatever you’re
    planning on bidding on your network just
    be direct about your intent just don’t
    beat around the bush if you want to
    improve for example the costs to serve
    just ask carriers to help identify
    opportunities just to decrease in
    efficiencies you know it sounds so easy
    when I’m reading it out loud but
    realistically I still don’t this is just
    way out of my league come on
    so the fifth thing he mentioned is keep
    bidding around this to a minimum
    essentially I’m assuming bidding rounds
    are more of just shopping for quotes
    when it comes to this so he mentions
    keeping it to a minimum so if you’re
    going shopping for different vendors or
    truck shipping rates or whatnot you want
    to be straightforward and upfront when
    it comes to your carriers so don’t hold
    multiple pit rounds because when you
    hold multiple pit rounds then the
    carrier is going to not give their best
    rates until the very end
    you know that takes time I could take
    hours and days maybe even weeks in some
    why bother you’re wasting time value and
    money and resources be upfront be
    concise and get results people react to
    that and if they don’t they are going to
    regret it believe it or not because the
    world will move on if someone thinks
    that you’re gonna have multiple bid
    rounds and it turns out you have one in
    they didn’t believe you
    I’ve been burned before when it comes to
    that stuff and I’ve also been the one
    that burns people to do that so I
    generally have a nice person but let’s
    be real results matter at the end of the
    day I don’t care who you are if I
    promise to give you a billion dollars
    after you pay me five hundred thousand
    and I don’t give it to you then well
    you’re not happy like that’s very black
    and white and yes results do matter and
    yes there are caveats and I’m speaking
    in more of a black-and-white manner I do
    understand that the world is full of
    gray areas as a matter of fact I’m
    pretty much maybe with the exclusion of
    a couple hundred scenarios out of the
    billions or infinite ones
    like a lot of things are gray area once
    you involve contacts so back to the
    point keep it straightforward keep you
    very minimal one or two at most so stop
    wasting time the number six thing he
    mentions is that you want to establish
    network consistency so if you’re happy
    with your overall relationship just
    provide in confluence with an
    opportunity to keep that freight it
    sounds straightforward just keep it
    people love consistent work nothing’s
    new nothing changes people are happy
    number seven use multiple modes the
    maximize capacity so I don’t know if
    this means but consider it I’m going to
    say this a word-for-word different
    transportation modes provide solutions
    to different needs consider how these
    modes can work together to create a
    successful shipping model for instance
    intermodal is best for halls of longer
    than 450 miles that have a transit time
    flexibility while dedicated is best
    first service sensitive lanes and
    high-density markets DC to store in
    first mile / final bio deliveries I mean
    it can’t be any clearer than that folks
    I mean I don’t need to see anything
    completely 100% interpreted what that
    meant 8b a shipper of choice with the
    implementation of electronic locking
    devices and don’t get me started with
    that I do have my cousin in logistics
    and I was in the car it was very
    interesting that he talked about this
    ironically about how due to the
    electronic long as your vices a lot of
    drivers they used to get away with
    fudging they’re mostly fudging their the
    carrier mileage or the semi truck
    mileage or whatever but in regards to
    time on the road they would generally
    fudge it so they can get more miles in
    for quote unquote less time but now
    since everything’s electronic they have
    to limit their travels which does create
    some potential increased cost because
    you can only have a one driver on the
    road for X amount of time before they
    have to stop and since it’s being
    tracked electronically having
    new drivers is more or less viable these
    days a surprisingly unique insight for
    me and logistics that it’s not from this
    but anyway anyway going back to the
    shipper of choice since crate
    characteristics velocity and utilization
    manners so carrier sir price in your
    networks and efficiencies because if
    they know you’re not going to be that
    good they’re going to adjust for it kind
    of like the time value of money you know
    you want to get what you pay for you
    wanna make sure you have a good value
    people adjust to certain situations to
    where it benefits them so you need to
    make sure you know you have to identify
    your inefficiencies in to work to
    improve them simple as that
    number nine we’re almost done two more
    so number nine you’ll want to keep
    drivers productive and satisfied so such
    amenities recommended from him include
    restrooms brake areas and parking to
    make they’ll adjust to make their
    locations more desirable so when the
    drivers on the clock everyone is on the
    supply James so making sure the driver
    can get to these amenities is pretty
    crucial I’m guessing that’s more to do
    with routes because I just can’t imagine
    you know hey here’s your amenity here’s
    a report a potty like it doesn’t I don’t
    think it works like that if it does that
    screams very very inefficient to me at
    least yeah so the last and final tip
    just to secure your truck load capacity
    to make sure nothing goes haywire crazy
    is that you need to tap your third-party
    providers range of services rather if
    it’s warehousing transportation or even
    any value-added services technology I
    don’t know the more that you can attain
    from just a single provider is the more
    seamless smooth and scalable your
    operation can be so long story short
    just see what they have to offer and see
    if you can just streamline it into all
    one hub or two hubs you know you don’t
    wanna hold all your eggs in one basket
    but I’m speaking for my opinion here so
    that’s it so I mean that is a lot of
    amazing interesting logistic stuff that
    one percent of the population loves and
    the other percent 99% are hopefully
    counting sheep one sheep two sheep three
    sheep okay I’ll stop let’s talk about
    this last informational piece from a
    site called a serious simply just called
    in-house logistics versus outsourced
    logistics big and small brands alike are
    targeting 3pl services so he talks more
    about outsourcing of the supply James
    may sound more far-fetched but you know
    what just reading this I just really
    don’t want to talk about it and it’s my
    podcast so I get to do what I want to
    hurry me so you know what I’m gonna stop
    reading these articles and I’m pretty
    sure I’ve inspired you I’ve gotten you
    to think just a little bit but not too
    much about sleep and some yeah even
    maybe you learn to learn a thing or two
    about logistics and you get to got to
    listen to an old man rant now I am 33
    and I know I’m not old old and I know
    I’m pretty sure there are a lot of older
    people that are just scoffing when I say
    my age but hey I got a lot of gray hairs
    and I don’t know I work off I work a lot
    a lot well maybe not so much these days
    I’m working on a whole work-life balance
    kind of thing I think it’s working out
    pretty decently you know I’m still able
    to work I’m able to create this podcast
    and I do have a few other ideas as well
    but that’s at another time and another
    place or maybe this is the perfect time
    a perfect place no I think it’s just
    another time I know we’re winding down
    and before I go I just wanted to just
    give a little piece of biggest human
    miss coming for me I don’t know I’ll
    find a way to jazz it up as you can tell
    I’m not really someone who likes to plan
    too much like I know if I plan but I
    like to talk is if I’m talking to you
    not it over radio voice you today is
    what I’m going to talk about I think
    that you know I I’m just not that kind
    of person I mean I can be you know if
    I’m playing a part and it might be
    something I might do down the road but I
    digress so I wanted to leave you today
    with just more of the I guess the
    initial inspiration of this podcast I
    know last podcast I mentioned that you
    know I just want to utilize my voice to
    help people and that’s very true but the
    inspiration of that we’re finding that I
    should say came from an article I found
    on medium.com and you might be able to
    view a free medium does charge you five
    dollars a month for this type of content
    and I was very fortunate to actually use
    one of my free previews to read it
    because it really did change a lot you
    know how I’m starting to view things and
    I think a lot of us especially more
    Millennials even older people are just
    young people in general just don’t know
    what’s out there or what you know what
    what’s out there how do I get there and
    what not were even just lighting a fire
    in you to take action and not just an
    action that you’re going to do for 30
    minutes or two days straight and then
    you forget about it but something that
    seeps through the core I guess so
    this article it’s called how I stopped
    sitting around all day seething with
    jealousy of my peers you know the first
    thing that caught my eye was her
    subtitle you know I learned the hard way
    there are better morning routines than
    googling people you envy and hating
    herself as a result so this is something
    I probably used to do back in my 20s and
    luckily I don’t do that now but it
    really does strike a chord with me in a
    sense that well the author first is her
    name is a man e-stat Miller I believe
    stat stat biller I’m sorry I’m sorry
    Mandy if you read this but like I’ve
    really appreciated this piece of work
    that you’ve written but I just don’t
    want to say her name wrong so feel free
    to correct me if you happen to hear this
    that out Mandi she just did a really
    great job I’m just explaining her
    thoughts on whether it’s jealousy and
    learning and just improving herself and
    what she did over time you know how she
    was able to find her muse going from I
    believe being a writer out in New York
    through learning how to or kind of
    following her passion to write more
    comedy and I I think for her there
    actually say for me personally some of
    the things that she does that she does
    want that she does for a living I should
    say is comedy in writing and in just
    finding herself and bringing joy to
    other people it’s it’s quite the read if
    you’re interested in actually as a
    matter of fact they have a audio version
    of the story as well all you need is the
    medium membership or the $5 a month one
    I am probably gonna into buying it after
    this podcast because I actually really
    enjoy and it enjoy this article I have
    it bookmarked I have a lot of things
    bookmark these days and heck if you even
    want to get inside of my mind more do
    yourself a favor and just write this
    down just go to medium and type in my
    name Julia Montano I’m pretty sure it’s
    going to be attributed to all the
    podcasts wherever you find this on Apple
    Spotify or ever or on YouTube I don’t
    know where but I write some things too
    rather it’s marketing and whatnot but
    but I think most of those writings are
    just things that I felt like writing at
    the time and I really want to emphasize
    more of that and I want to improve my
    writing I want to improve a lot of
    things I just want to improve in general
    I should say you might notice when I
    speak and when I talk I tend to have a
    lot of differentiating almost awkward
    like pauses it’s for me personally what
    I’ve learned is that I would rather have
    a slightly awkward pause compared to a
    lot of us and ohm’s not that I don’t do
    that it’s just a habit that I’ve
    developed in
    actually find it endearing for me
    because it’s how I came to a solution
    and I find it to be fairly viable and if
    you are someone like me who does stumble
    a little bit and fumble your words and
    sometimes your head just wraps around
    too fast and you overthink a lot it’s
    something to try but again I digress
    back to the medium article that I’ve
    read from Andes it’s it’s a it’s a very
    great perspective on kind of the inner
    workings of how we think or at least how
    she thinks and her views on like
    jealousy and improving so on and so
    forth and and from here I was just able
    to resonate it with a lot especially
    since I love comedy I’d feel like I’m
    almost walking in her shoes I don’t know
    if I am but that’s what I feel like when
    I read articles like this and that’s
    what I hope that you guys feel as well
    when I talk more on this and hopefully
    you’ve continued to follow my journey I
    know these first few episodes are gonna
    be a little bit rough but you know when
    it comes to the destination I don’t know
    where this podcast is gonna go I already
    have ideas on how to just create content
    get more people involved and bring more
    of his ability to just anything that I
    feel passionate about and I want more of
    you guys to do that as well so I don’t
    know if you’re still awake and if you’re
    not if you’re still awake I’m very sorry
    I’ve been trying to talk I’ve been
    trying to get you to fall asleep but I
    think what’s best if you’re still awake
    and if you’re still listening and you
    enjoy the sound of my voice you like
    what I’m hearing is I guess to keep
    almost sitting just to keep getting
    inside you know how I think or who I
    recommend to think and you can follow
    them as well you know I’m not trying to
    take over the world yet emphasis on the
    yet and I mean that but who’s gonna find
    that at the what 16 minute market this
    episode – I don’t think this is even get
    more than like ten views but I’m
    enjoying this
    keep talking and I’m gonna keep
    podcasting and I hopefully I will
    improve and get better and who knows
    maybe I’ll be doing a keynote someday
    and I’m a signature poncho that would be
    pretty cool you know just to do what you
    Ariana’s really don’t care about most
    people think but it does matter to those
    who do care strangely enough I don’t
    know if that’s a good or a bad thing but
    either way guys hopefully you enjoyed
    this last hour and hopefully you guys
    are deep and sleepy land this is joy
    Avant on oh and I’m signing out see you
    guys on the next the next cast